Trusted and Assured MicroElectronics

Protecting Electronics Supply Chain Throughout the Lifecycle

November 15, 2018
Ohio State University
Theme: Security in Analog Domain

The TAME forum is the first ever national forum on trusted and assured microelectronics. The inaugural event was held at the University of Florida in the Chamber Conference Room of the Reitz Union complex. The forum is open to public, and will feature experts from industry, academia, and government.

More about the TAME Forum

This forum brings together experts to discuss (i) various challenges in protecting electronics supply chain in design stage and throughout lifecycle for SoCs, microprocessors, microcontroller, FPGAs, and analog and mixed-signal components, (ii) develop tools, technologies and practices to design of vulnerability-free microelectronics, (iii) develop technologies and architectures for security hardening and resilience, and (iv) establishing secure design environments in today’s globalized and complex design processes and supply chain. Finally, TAME aims to tackle security and assurance issues for legacy parts, active parts, and new parts by including innovative design for security concepts.

Topics to be covered by TAME includes but no limited to:
  • Supply chain vulnerability analysis and risk mitigation
  • Counterfeit detection and avoidance
  • Hardware security primitives (Crypto, PUFs, RNGs)
  • Architecture support for security
  • Side-channel analysis, attacks, and protection
  • Hardware tampering attacks, detection, and countermeasures
  • Hardware security test and verification
  • FPGA and system-on-chip (SoC) security
  • Reverse engineering and hardware obfuscation
  • Metrics, policies, assessment, and standards related to hardware security
  • Hardware IP trust (watermarking, metering, trust verification)
  • Trusted manufacturing including split manufacturing and 2.5/3D integration